Taking Care of Business: Office Moves

by | Oct 21, 2020

Will your company or office change locations? Understand the importance of hiring a team specialized in corporate changes. Your company is growing, the space is small, or the company needs a new environment.

How to organize this change now, how to take all the furniture from one place to another or even from one floor to another?

The affordable Lubbock moving company takes care of all your corporate change; it will not be necessary even for employees to help. Know the advantages of hiring a specialized company, even if it moves from one floor to another.

Assembly and disassembly:

With a long-distance moving companies Lubbock, tx, specialized in corporate removals, you can rest assured that your office’s furniture will be assembled. In the right places, The affordable movers only do not drill but assembles and put everything in place with responsibility and all care for your assets.


Yes, The affordable movers pack your belongings for you. You won’t have to rush to find cardboard boxes or buy. The affordable movers’ team is already prepared with all the packaging that your move needs.

Tranquility and practicality:

Corporate changes have to be well thought out, planned, and sometimes even timed. When the move is an internal removal (where the belongings are transferred to spaces in the same building, on different floors or towers.) Any kind of inconvenience and even noise must be avoided to the maximum. This only a company specialized in commercial changes leaves everything more straightforward and the client more relaxed.

Each year, many people, unfortunately, improvise movers. Obviously, you can organize and carry out your move yourself. But is it worth it? Is this to your advantage? Do you go too much trouble for something a mover would do with scissors, or can you take care of it with ease? The relocation services in Lubbock are the best options there.

This is a delicate question to which there is no real right answer. You will actually have to choose based on your priorities and availability. To help in making a decision, at first establish:

The truck size you will need:

The reliability and availability of people around you who can help you.

Need to take time off for taking care of the move? Is it worth it, considering the energy, time, and budget involved? Be quite realistic about the abilities you have, the means, and needs.

The savings trap

It’s no secret that the idea of moving alone to save money is enticing. In the month of July, Lubbock’s professional moving company usually increasesits prices under the principle of supply and demand. As most of them are in high order and their services are in high demand, they can afford to ask their customers a higher sum for their services than December, for example.

Using a company avoids the rental or purchase of additional equipment. It is also possible to have a personalized estimate drawn up according to your real needs. Partial, complete, or transport moving only, everything is possible. You can get the absolute moving labor help in Lubbock.

Access to professional moving equipment

Even if you have many friends ready to help you with your move, you might be missing some equipment. One of the advantages of trusted Lubbock movers is that they have everything you need to transport and package your furniture and fragile items.

A moving offer adapted to their needs.

Using a private company’s services to move is also the possibility of choosing a formula adapted to your move. The advantage is that you only pay the price for the services you need. Do you not have time to take care of your move, nor are your requirements keeping you away from your home?

Thinking about making an office move? We know that changes can often be complicated and exhausting, but some tips and actions can make this process a lot easier.

It is essential to have flexible and agile strategies that adapt to your needs and contribute to everything being done in the best way in all types of change. This will allow you to take advantage of this moment and renew the performance of your moving help in Lubbock. In this sense, furnishing your new office with smart solutions can make your business grow, bringing you more results.

This article has separated the main tips for you to carry out your office move without worries, optimize processes, and save money. We also list the many benefits of renting corporate furniture in this process. Check out:

Plan calmly

As with all good projects, moving offices also needs well-organized planning to avoid constraints and help you think of ways to optimize investments and processes.

An important tip is to make a list or spreadsheet with all the necessary actions and the materials that will be transported so that nothing is forgotten or lost. Some interesting topics to compose your list are available to budget, estimated expenses, registration with the name of each item that will be transported, moving helpers in Lubbocktx to be hired, schedule, among others.

Also, remember that it is essential to share the tasks with your work team, so also establish each one’s functions in this list according to your skills and availability. It is worth asking each employee to collect their materials individually to facilitate the processes.

Pack everything carefully

  • Separate cardboard boxes, as they will be instrumental in your move. A tip to save money is to order them at supermarkets. They usually provide them at no cost. Newspapers and bubble wrap are also great allies because they prevent delicate items from spoiling.
  • After that, pack each item carefully, prioritizing those that are not of immediate use to the company since work activities normally continue even if the office is changing addresses. Thinking like that, try to advance what you can and always opt for practical solutions.
  • Put labels or write each box’s contents on the boxes, so it will be much easier to find essential items in the new office. It is also worth identifying the boxes that contain fragile objects to avoid damage when transporting them.

Separate what you no longer use

Take the opportunity to separate the items you no longer use. Use this moment to finally get rid of many things that end up accumulating in the office, but that should have been discarded long ago.

In this scenario, renting office furniture is a great solution, as it requires a low cost and you have brand new furniture, ready to adapt to the needs and projects of your new office. The moving labor in Lubbock has its own logistics and is ready to assemble the furniture in its new office with great agility and efficiency.

Check the structure of the new office.

Before changing offices, visit the new work environment as often as necessary. Notice if you will need any renovation, painting, or related actions. More importantly, make sure that the plumbing, electrical and plumbing, internet network, and everything you will need for your work routine is in order.

Also, check the number of sockets and if the space allocated for each workstation is sufficient, checking if your expectations will be in line with reality.

Plan the change process

Thinking about how you will transport everything you need is a step of change that can be a little stressful. An important tip is that you start transferring items as soon as possible.

Smaller items can be transported more quickly, but large pieces like furniture are more complicated to transport. Usually, a company is hired to make the change, which can end up being expensive. Also, furniture is often not appropriately assembled, and many of them can be spoiled in the process.

Count on a company specialized in corporate furniture.

Without a doubt, so that everything is more comfortable and you can still count on the expertise of professionals specialized in corporate furniture, it is worth choosing the furniture rental. Check out more benefits:

Versatility and economy

Renting is a very versatile solution, as you can always change the environment: there is the freedom to expand, reduce, or exchange items at any time. All this is saving a lot about the purchase and saving precious resources for your projects. The moving help Lubbocktexas can take care of this.

Also, it is possible to deduct rental expenses up to 100% of income tax. Another benefit of renting office furniture is that there is no capital immobilization.Change processes are usually not an emergency. Of course, some cases happen overnight, but in general, we know in advance that we will have to leave an apartment, a house, or an office.

Separate donations and the like

It is usual for us to accumulate a lot that does not need to follow us. Before thinking about the change, take advantage of this previous phase to donate or throw away everything that no longer matters. It applies to clothes, books, CDs, decorative objects, furniture, etc.

Some items can also be sold, and then you earn extra money. This part is essential and needs to be well organized.

Look for cardboard boxes.

Once you have only what is left with you for your new home or office, it is essential to have boxes to accommodate everything. By acting in advance, you can get cardboard boxes at zero cost or a small fee.

Supermarkets usually make them available to anyone who asks. Otherwise, you will have to buy, and they may not cost you so little. For the most fragile pieces, such as glass, it is worth accumulating newspapers to pack.

Go boxing everything

In order not to have to rush desperately with this, go boxing everything you can, that is, everything you won’t need to use until you have moved.

If you already have somewhere to go, start to transport

With everything boxed and labeled and already having the keys to the next property in hand, you can take the opportunity to start transporting some items. For example, you can take what’s most fragile so as not to take risks at the last minute.

Whoever has a car (and at least one friend who can help) can separate some boxes and start taking them to the new space. There are trolleys with wheels on the market that help a lot in coming and going. I used one, and it was my lifeline, especially when the boxes are very heavy.

Larger parts

For larger pieces, like a bed or a wardrobe, there’s not much of a way. Unless you or a helpful acquaintance has a car with a very spacious trunk, you will need to hire specialized transportation.

A larger and better-known company on the market usually has furniture insurance. If not necessary, you can hire smaller companies or even individuals who work with it.

The indication of who has already used the service can help a lot, and you can quickly get useful tips in Facebook groups.

Avoid rework

Moving from one property to another also has another annoying part that takes time: to fix any damage caused, repaint the walls, etc.

The ideal is to check in advance as possible everything that needs to be done. Everything left for the last hour becomes more expensive and laborious.

Also, evaluate if you can do the painting yourself, or it is better to research the prices charged by professionals and already do it directly with him. The cheap can be expensive. It happened to me too. Take the help of the movers to help unload truck Lubbock in this case.

Change date

Finally, if you can choose the date of transport of the furniture, that is, the significant change, select a period that is not school holidays, as it is usually more expensive (many people prefer to change when they are on vacation, as well as their children).

Moving during the week can also guarantee some discounts since many people prefer the weekend. Packing and moving companies Lubbocktexas! Now it’s up to you! Good luck in this process and, if you discover other tips, feel free to share them!

Last Words

If you are moving between individuals, but you lack the material for the heaviest business, the load and unload services companies Lubbocktexas can also offer you a personalized solution. The movers only take care of the transport of furniture and household appliances. Same thing if you opt to rent a truck with a driver and move everything yourself. This is an excellent in-between since the cost of these services is lower than a complete moving offer.

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